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  • By the end of 2015 meter accuracy will provide positioning service

    According to the Xinhua News Agency Beijing on 11 September, Beidou ground based augmentation system engineering construction 11 officially started, the project is determined by the Chinese ordnance industry group as the overall development of the unit, will be built into the frame net and some regional encrypted network reference station network and put i...

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  • Looqi: designed for children GPS anti lost bracelet

    The child is very important for a family, if they are not careful lost words, is a terrible blow to families. There is a compromise solution is to give children equipped with mobile phone, allowing parents to keep in touch with them. If you are worried about the mobile phone radiation will bring harm to the child, can consider the GPS tracking bracelet. L...

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  • GPS RFID let the container to realize visualization monitoring location

    Recently, intelligent security Ningbo port two period, three period, four period, five period, China Merchants International container terminal, Meishan 6 lock system ushered in the new functional upgrading, set the truck, container movement track can be realized visualization monitoring, application of international transit box sealing test business bid f...

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