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  • He put 10000 GPS free of charge to the truck driver

    10 years ago, he founded Chongqing’s first private GPS operators. After 10 years, the company has become the Chongqing GPS operation in the industry leading enterprises, not only the development of 15 subsidiaries, but also to sell products from Chongqing to the neighboring provinces and even the whole country. Yesterday, on the 10 anniversary of the...

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  • Law enforcement vehicle installed GPS locator

    Ningjin County Bureau of industry and commerce as the 18 official law enforcement vehicle installed GPS satellite positioning system, and prevent illegal park bus, use the government cars for private purposes and other disciplinary violation. Now, the positioning system has been running for nearly 2 months, did not occur with the use of illegal behavior an...

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  • The GPS locator optional misunderstanding

    1: how to choose the GPS locator automotive products? Answer: Drama editor understand there are two on the market selling GPS positioning products, one is the mobile phone product positioning base station location, it’s not actually GPS positioning products, is known as the GPS positioning products to mislead consumers. The majority of consumers due ...

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