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  • “Local” motorcycle loaded GPS stolen hours after back

    Recently, the home of Mr. Zhao Guangyuan district’s beloved motorcycle parked in their own downstairs was stolen, but he spent more than 1.7 yuan less than a year to buy the “tyrant” motorcycle. Mr. Li helpless quickly dial the alarm telephone, Guangyuan Zhaohua District Public Security Bureau police brigade police investigators according...

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  • GPS positioning to testify “brother” be punished

    7 day National Day holiday, the city traffic law enforcement bureau complaints telephone (0758-2733853) but not idle, period, received a total of urban taxi 49 complaints, of which the successful forensics, and confirm the illegal only 8 cases, 21 cases due to the complainant does not cooperate with the investigation, the forensic work is unable to continu...

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  • The invention of the global satellite positioning shoes

    According to reports, at present, the launch of a embedded global positioning satellite (GPS) device for shoes, helps to find disease (also known as senile dementia) lost the old man. In 2014 September, to the best of GPS satellite positioning shoes had acquired the certification (FCC). At present, the company has the first batch of 3000 pairs of shoes, is...

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