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Magnetic fireproof vehicle GPS tracker GX10 of Huge battery capacity without the need of installation

Magnetic fireproof vehicle GPS tracker GX10 of Huge battery capacity without the need of installation


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GPS tracker GX10(5000/10000/20000mAh) is one of the independently researched and developed GPS products from Shenzhen Yiwen Technology Co,. Ltd. which adopted imported high gain GPS module and unique bi-module design, global commonly used GSM receiving antenna, with the lowest power consumption design and magnetic bottom, so it’s a most suitable GPS tracker without any complicated installations to hide in vehicles.


Brand: Yiwen Technology
GSM frequency: worldwide commonly used 4 frequencies
Size(5000 mAh):
-123 mm long
-72 mm wide
-32 mm high
Size(10000 mAh):
-120 mm long
-65 mm wide
-35 mm high
Size(20000 mAh):
-120 mm long
-65 mm wide
-50 mm high
Texture: imported resin
GSM/GPRS module: MTK6260
GPS accuracy: 5 meters
Network bands: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Humidity: 5 – 95 % non-condensing
Car charging voltage: 12 – 24 V input, 5 V output
Voltage of hand-held charger : 110-220V input, 5V output
Battery: Li-ion battery(chargeable)
Model: GX10/GX10L/GX10XL
Network: GSM/GPRS
Weight: 175 g/ 365 g/ 250 g
GPS chip: U-BLOX
GPS sensitivity: -159 dBm
Stand-by time: 60 days/100 days/200 days
Storage temperature: -40 to +85 ℃
Working temperature: -20 to +55 ℃
The duration of first start :
-cold start: 45 – 120 seconds(first start, ephemeris cleared and then start, move out about 1,000 km and then start)
-warm start: 35 seconds(initialization data loaded, start after 2 hours since the last positioning)
-hot start: 1 second(all data is valid, start within 2 hours since the last positioning)


1*instruction handbook
1*waterproof bag


-It’s magnetic so there is no need to install.
-It’s fire-proof & crash-proof.
-It’ll sleep automatically when it’s still and will be awakened by moving, therefore, it can save power a lot.
-It’ll send a message to the bundled telephone number to warn that low power.
-It can switch intelligently because it’s dual mode.
-It supports replay historical route.
-It supports geofencing set by the online platform, once it’s out of fence, a warning will be sent to the platform.
-It has GPS and GSM antenna so the accuracy is good.
-It supports TCP communication on GPRS.
-It supports the low power consumption mode.
-It supports base station auxiliary positioning which can increase the accuracy.
-It supports alarming when: low voltage, vibrating, overspeeding etc.
-It supports setting a telephone number for sending SOS.
-It can be tracked by android/IOS APP.
-Its battery has large capacity.
-Its remaining power can be displayed on android/IOS APP.
-Its setting( geofencing range, data uploaded time etc.) can be set by the SMS.


Vehicles: Motorcycle, electrocar, car etc.
Industries: fleet management, car rental, transportation etc.
Valuables: safe case etc.
Circumstances: checking the moving route of family car, tracking the car which was lent or stolen, monitoring the government cars which was privately used.