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Maricopa Police deploying GPS trackers to reduce police pursuits – GPS Tracker

Maricopa Police deploying GPS trackers to reduce police pursuits – GPS Tracker

By: Nicole Garcia
POSTED: DEC 20 2018 05:45PM MST


UPDATED: DEC 24 2018 09:19AM MST

MARICOPA, Ariz. (FOX 10) — With the push of a button, police officers in Maricopa can now chase suspects in high speed pursuits, without actually chasing them.

A system allows officers to shoot GPS tracking devices onto fleeing cars, where it will stick. Instead of chasing down fleeing vehicles, the system allows police to physically get out of the chase, and still keep track of the criminals on the run. Maricopa Police is one of only two departments in Arizona using the technology, the other being DPS, and officials hope it will decrease the chances of a high-speed collision, during a pursuit.

“The GPS tracker allows us to follow safely, using Google Maps essentially,” said Sgt. Sean Marchese with the Maricopa Police Department. “All you have to do is arm it, get ready, position yourself directly behind the vehicle, fire it, and get out of the situation itself.”

The officer’s car should be about 15 to 20 feet behind the suspect car for the projectile to successfully attach. It allows police to follow the vehicle’s every move without air support. The device, however, isn’t stealth. The fleeing driver can hear and feel it when it attaches, and there’s the possibility of it being removed by the suspect.

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