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The art to choosing a vehicle GPS tracker – What to consider when choosing a GPS tracker #1

The art to choosing a vehicle GPS tracker – What to consider when choosing a GPS tracker #1

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Do you remember those good old days when there was no way to pinpoint the exact location of a vehicle? While this was an inconvenience to many, it was mainly a hassle for businesses. Once you send your product out the warehouse, you had no idea where it was until it reached its destination.

However, times have changed. Now, you can know exactly where the vehicle in question is at any point in time. How? Simple, via GPS trackers! These trackers have been a source of convenience for businesses as well as individuals. This is only true if you know how to pick the correct GPS tracker for the job.

While you would hope that the task it easy, sadly it is not. You might find it confusing if it is your first time buying a GPS tracker.
Don’t worry. We are here to help you out. We will guide you through different tracking devices to ensure that you make an informed decision.

1. The Uses of GPS trackers

GPS tracker usage can be divided into two categories, namely business and personal use. It is important for you to know about both and classify your purpose. This is because the perfect GPS tracker for you is one which is aligned with your need.

When you want a personal GPS tracker, you generally require it for geofencing and use of maps. But, if you are a business, features like driving, and number of inactive hours are also important and sought.

2. What can a GPS tracker do?

You might think that a GPS tracker can be only used to pinpoint the location of a vehicle. However, there is much more than a GPS tracker can do for you. Here are some of the features delivered by a GPS tracker.

• Pinpointing the exact location of both people and pets and tracking their real-time movements as well.

• Pinpointing the location of vehicles and their movement in real time. This can either comprise one vehicle or an entire fleet . This feature helps in monitoring and prevention against theft.

• Knowing and tracking the position of your products and possessions.
• Observing the consumption of fuel and miles covered by the vehicle. Other maintenance concerns are also monitored.

• Looking at the driving skills of the driver including behavior like speed, patterns of driving, and the art of maneuvering and how long the driver is inactive for.

• Extract data about past performance of the vehicle at some future date. You can also access the places the vehicle has visited previously.

• Setting up geofences. A geofence is setting boundaries, which if crossed, sends notifications to you.

• You can get notifications about the tracking information through various platforms including emails, notification, and SMS.

3. Differentiating between Different GPS trackers

When you search the market, you will find that GPS trackers are available in different sizes and forms. These options differ in terms of tracking puporses.

4. What to consider when choosing a GPS tracker

Here are some of the factors that you need to keep in mind when selecting a GPS tracker:

1. The complexity of the system

The complexity of the systems may differ from one another. Some are quite complex while others are straightforward. The complicated ones may need to be linked to the electrical system of the car. Which tracker is the perfect for you depends on how comfortable are you with dealing with complex systems? If you aren’t, you can always seek professional help.

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