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He put 10000 GPS free of charge to the truck driver

He put 10000 GPS free of charge to the truck driver

10 years ago, he founded Chongqing’s first private GPS operators. After 10 years, the company has become the Chongqing GPS operation in the industry leading enterprises, not only the development of 15 subsidiaries, but also to sell products from Chongqing to the neighboring provinces and even the whole country.

Yesterday, on the 10 anniversary of the establishment of the company, the city people’s Congress, Derui Technology (Group) Co. Ltd. founder Wang Zhi to make a decision, to truck owners free sends out 10000 GPS terminal, to serve the society.

Down 10 million founded GPS operators

This year Wang Zhi of 42 years old before entering the GPS industry, in 1999 launched an advertising decoration company. In 2004, a America study abroad students back, first to Wang Zhi referred to the GPS, “he told me, the great development of GPS future, USA many operating vehicles and private cars are used.”

The students inspired, Wang Zhi began to explore Shenzhen and other coastal city, after returning to Chongqing, in those days he took to advertising companies save money, founded Derui technology, promote research and development of GPS positioning system.

In Chongqing at that time only two GPS products and services company, the public have little awareness of the GPS, business has just started very difficult. In 2007, “hit” tens of millions of funds, his GPS business finally began to profit, and on the right track, so he will be advertising company assets are set out, into the German Swiss technology company.

Products covered by the city of 1/3 bus and taxi

In 10 years, Derui technology has become the largest GPS service operators in our city, the company independent research and development of GPS terminal system of production, not only covers the city 1/3 public transportation (bus, passenger car, taxi), and from Sichuan, Guizhou and other places of business

At present, Derui technology has obtained national Ministry of transportation operation related qualification, not only with the City Public Security Bureau 110 command center network, has also been included in Chongqing City Transportation Bureau GPS “two guest a dangerous” management platform.

Sent free of 10000 GPS terminal

This year is the 10 anniversary of the establishment of science and technology, dre yesterday, Wang Zhi decided, from today (10 days) to start, the total mass of 12 tons and above the ordinary freight vehicle, the GPS terminal system gave away 10000 R & D and production company, “according to the new regulations, heavy truck must be mounted on a GPS system, to the road.”

“In 10 years, the company got a lot of people support and help, the 10 anniversary of the establishment of the company, I also want to do a bit of public service, to serve the society.” Wang Zhi said, giving conditions conform to truck owners, can take the vehicle driving license (original), the vehicle registration certificate (original or copy), vehicle frontal clear pictures, to Chen Jiaping peace business building 24 floor Derui technology company for GPS terminal. When visiting, need to pay a year using a service fee of 500 yuan