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Electric vehicle mounted GPS followed the thief 2 kilometers owners personally catch

Electric vehicle mounted GPS followed the thief 2 kilometers owners personally catch

The thief stole a electric car, the car from the Huicheng Shuikou ride to the Jiangbei Yunshan plans stolen goods. Electric vehicle owners Mr. Zhu according to the mounted GPS all the way from the gate tracking, tracking from CITIC Beiqiao bridge head electric car stolen, then 2 km journey, thieves are not aware of the same. Last night and yesterday, police captured the thief 2 Yunshan, Yunshan police station, so GPS anti-theft, some electric vehicle owners may wish to learn.

Mr. Zhu Huicheng Shuikou Da Hu Xi in the local opened a stall, yesterday, he aired their thief after attracted people to praise on a popular forum in Huizhou, “July 28th afternoon 5 when Xu after going out, the electric cars parked in the door didn’t lock the house shops to sleep. Just half an hour to wake up to find that the car take wings to itself.”

In June this year he online shopping a GPS locator installed on the electric vehicle. “Electric cars more than 2400 yuan, 100 yuan G PS locator, the monthly rent is only 1 yuan”. Did not expect so soon GPS functioning. “I didn’t panic, open mobile phone tracking GPS signal, start location signal receiving positioner issued.”

According to the location information returned GPS, Mr. Zhu found in shops, their own electric cars have been ridden to the bridge dragon light CITIC Longhu Bridge Avenue residence. Mr. Zhu’s cousin was invited to join the chased the thief.

CITIC Bridge bridgehead in Jiangbei, Mr. Zhu found riding his electric car thief, is turned into Huimin Avenue Shandong direction. Mr. Zhu and his cousin immediately accelerated after the. To be on the safe side, until the 2 kilometers after the thief will electric car ride to the Jiangbei Wangjiang across the lek market, Mr. Zhu and cousin before it will take the thieves seize.

Yunshan police station deputy director Liu Qing said, for the electric vehicle installed GPS locator is an anti-theft means better, “the police solve the case aspect particularly helpful” G PS locator, the market price of about 200 yuan, has the condition of electric vehicle owners may wish to consider buying installation.