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The GPS locator optional misunderstanding

The GPS locator optional misunderstanding

1: how to choose the GPS locator automotive products?

Answer: Drama editor understand there are two on the market selling GPS positioning products, one is the mobile phone product positioning base station location, it’s not actually GPS positioning products, is known as the GPS positioning products to mislead consumers. The majority of consumers due to the non professional, so could not tell the difference between the two. Ordinary users have the method can distinguish the product Is it right? GPS positioning products. Mobile phone positioning products is a passive positioning, the realization of a simple positioning only, and cannot realize the function of track and real-time tracking, each location to send information or click send location request to positioning, GPS positioning products is the initiative to report, the first seconds will have location information back to the user, no matter the user need not to need. The user can query any equipment within the time trajectory and tracking equipment situation. The locating accuracy, error of GPS positioning products to normal within 25 meters, good products can be done 5-10 meters, and mobile phone positioning in the best case error is in 400 meters of above.

Another point worthy of our attention is the GPS locator hardware products is the foundation of GPS vehicle monitoring platform can be used normally, the GPS locator product performance and product can work stably for a long time depends on the GPS locator hardware products quality. At present, enter the GPS locator products field and low threshold, the market is flooded with all kinds of GPS positioning products, the quality of GPS vehicle terminal hardware is uneven. Therefore, users in the choice of GPS vehicle terminal hardware necessary to choose high reputation, large in scale, and have certain production history of the manufacturers, the best choice to choose the company years longer. Because this kind of manufacturers in the many years of R & D and production has accumulated lots of experience in manufacturing GPS locator, and fine degree products work will also have more assurance.

2: how to choose the GPS locator products? Should choose the brand?

Answer: consumers should also be combined with the following brand, product quality, after sale service in the purchase of the GPS locator, the relevant certification and price. That is a ratio, two selected, three see is what we often say that the goods more than three.

First select the brand: the brand is a symbol of product quality and reputation, good brand products also shows that the enterprise’s products have a good reputation in the market, in fact, choose the brand selected quality, credibility of the election. The history of the brand is more long, the production time more long, the corresponding service, product quality is guaranteed.

Select a product quality: the quality of the importance of this needless to say, if you buy a iPhone mobile phone to buy one of the hundreds of pieces of copycat mobile phone, the reality on the pendulum in front of you need our attention, small and medium-sized manufacturers have no “quality inspection system” is directly related to the stability of GPS product quality; in addition to install and repair the GPS locator the product is all manufacturers to complete. Installation and repair technology level of manufacturers is very important. From the GPS positioning products produced in the final analysis is just a semi-finished product, but also need to go through professional installation and debugging, to normal use, installation quality in guarantee plays a very important role in product quality.

After sale service: speaking of customer service is often the most concerned about a problem, some vendors will be selling a product will play the missing, or you call modified manufacturers, manufacturers are delayed, directly influence the user use of GPS products. There are many users because the manufacturer after sale service is too bad no tolerance for other brands of GPS products.

3: how to choose the GPS locator products service operators?

Answer: at present, part of the net customer less operators of small GPS locator in order not to be eliminated in the brutal competition in the market, the use of low-cost vicious competition, because the same price relatively small-scale operators are customers the opportunity to choose a relatively small. Low price competition caused the consequences of many small service providers to quickly enter the market, because of the long term can not profit, the final service is very poor or no basic service. So the user in the selection of GPS positioning products service operators, must choose the credibility, strength and rich experience, abundant resources, powerful network operators, sustainable development.

Edit summary: here the GPS locator is good or bad at the level of prices, the number of functions, the accuracy of the most basic or the star search speed and location, if the locator search stars cannot Kai to effective positioning, so the user remember to goods than three home after still have a look whether the product is the regular brand choice manufacturers purchase in the purchase of such products in the process to ensure that they use safety and security.