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Japanese researchers tracking foreign visitors food shopping preferences with GPS

Japanese researchers tracking foreign visitors food shopping preferences with GPS

According to Japan’s Kyodo News reported on July 30th, is located in Jinze City, Ishikawa Prefecture of Japan Kanazawa University and an assistant for foreign tourists, recently launched an action investigation, let its location in the city of Jinze travel worn satellite system (GPS) and a small camera. The report says, the move can be thorough knowledge of tourists moving speed and path, stop taking pictures of places of interest, and specialty gifts. And to provide more satisfied service according to the actual needs of the tourists, promote tourism city charm.

According to reports, start the investigation is the Kanazawa University science and engineering domain traffic plan to learn professional assistant growth shen. By the investigation of tourists wearing a wrist watch type GPS equipment and 30 seconds to shoot a high performance small camera (about 4 cm square). GPS records the movement of tourists and speed the path, except for walking and bus mobile method, can know the tourists lost places.

Small cameras each took over two thousand or three thousand photos. You can learn more about the diet and to see signs, and accurately grasp the tourists “interest” and “trouble”.

Fujiki Sukenori said “the questionnaire survey of words using paper, even if know to eat sushi, is also very difficult to find out what to eat sushi. The survey precision is high, can obtain similar true sight and tourists data.”

Fujiki Sukenori said: “the results of the analysis will become a new tool for the construction of tourism city, can provide more high-quality hospitality