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American model GPS network will accelerate this year launched four pieces of advanced satellite

American model GPS network will accelerate this year launched four pieces of advanced satellite

2 am Greenwich time, USA air force to launch a new GPS from Florida (Global Positioning System) satellite GPS2F-7 in orbit. It is reported, this is the third time this year American successfully launched the GPS satellite, the 2F-7 is the seventh planet in 12 new satellites launched in the plan, the purpose is to further strengthen the GPS satellite constellation American air force.

According to the 3 day USA Space News Network reported, 2 am, a “Atlas type -5” carrier rocket from Florida’s Cape Canaveral Air Force Base launch, the GPS2F-7 satellite into orbit.

American “Florida today” 3 days to say, according to plan, the satellite will launch the new operation in mid September, the air force will allow it to replace an already running 22 years of satellite. The expert expresses, after this a new GPS satellite running, will provide a stronger anti-interference signal higher navigation accuracy, and a new commercial air search and rescue signal.

At present, in addition to GPS2F-7, there have been 6 GPS2F satellites in orbit around the earth, each advanced satellite is designed in orbit for at least 12 years. As of 2013 December, American in orbit GPS satellite number reaches 32, the satellite reached 31, including 8 GPS-2A satellites, 12 GPS-2R satellites, 7 GPS-2RM satellites, 4 GPS-2F satellites. The GPS2F-7 task manager Walter Lauderdale said, the launch in late October GPS2F satellite program a, another of the GPS2F satellite scheduled for launch in 2015. “Florida today” says, this is since 1993 the Air Force launch activities American initial configuration of GPS satellite constellation has been the most active schedule.

A Chinese astronautics expert expresses 3 days, American GPS network frequency this year accelerated obviously, this is worthy of our attention. He said, the military location accuracy of GPS-2F satellite is 1 meters to 5 meters; the positioning accuracy of civilian is currently 6 meters to 12 meters. Since then, USA will launch the higher positioning precision, stronger anti-jamming capability of the GPS-3 satellite, the test work of non flying GPS-3 satellite has been excessive wheel modernization transformation and the operation control system.