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Yiwen Exclusive Appearance Vehicle Engine Shutdown GPS Tracker Old GX06S

Yiwen Exclusive Appearance Vehicle Engine Shutdown GPS Tracker Old GX06S



GPS tracker GX06S is one of the independently researched and developed GPS products from Shenzhen Yiwen Technology Co., Ltd., adopted imported high gain GPS module and unique dual mode design, global commonly used GSM receiving antenna, with the low power consumption design, so it’s a most suitable and easily hided and installed GPS tracker in car because of small type and light weight.


Model GX06S
Brand Yiwen Technology
GSM frequency 850/900/1800/1900 Mhz
GPS accuracy 10 meters, 2D RMS
GPS sensitivity -162 Db
GPS frequency L1, 1575.42 MHz

Speed accuracy

0.1 m/s

Time accuracy

Sync with satellite time within 1 microsecond.

Coordinate system



48 channels(all-around tracking)

Upload period

0.1 second on average

Hot start

1 second on average

Warm start

38 seconds on average

Cold start

45 seconds on average
Network GSM/GPRS(class 12)

Max altitude

18,000 meters (60,000 feet)

Max speed

515 meters/second (1000 knots)

Instant movement

20 meters/second

Power consumption

40 mAh, 12V
Weight 85 grams(with battery)
Working duration Internal stand-by battery for 4 hours
Working voltage range 12-80 V
Working temperature -25~+55 ℃
Working humidity 5-95% non-condensing
Working current < 55 mA
Chip receiving sensitivity Tracking: -159 dBm

Capturing: -143 dBm

Input design

Double inputs(compatible ADC, serial port)
Phone APP operating system Android 2.3/iOS 5.0 and newer

Remote control(Optional)

Internal 2.4G remote control

C/A code

1.023 MHz chip rate


Length: 90 cm

Width: 45 cm

Height: 10 cm

Packing size: 13.3*9.8*5.5 cm/piece


GPS antenna High sensitive ceramic antenna
Battery Chargeable, replaceable, 400 mAh for 4 hours stand-by
SIM card slot 1 unit
Accessory 1*user manual

1*power wire(bundle)


Engine shutdown By computer webpage platform, Android/iOS phone APP, SMS command.
Low power alarm Alarm will be sent to web and APP when power’s low.
Vibration alarm Alarm will be sent to web and APP when vehicle shaking.
Geofence A range can be set and alarm will be sent to web and APP once vehicle got out or in.
Move history replay Move history of the latest 3 months can be replayed.
Residual power display Residual power will be displayed on the web and APP.
Power-saving mode GPS module will be shut down automatically when the vehicle is stayed for a long time.
Blind area storage Position data will be saved when signal’s bad till the signal recovered and the data uploded.
ACC feedback The situation of ACC can be checked on web and APP.
Outage alarm Alarm will be sent to web and APP once the tracker is out of electricity supply.
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-It’s cheaper than same type product for at least 20%.
-It’s with 9-80V wild voltage suits car, truck, motorbike and electric motorcycle etc.(Other trackers are just with 9-36V for car generally.)
-It’s easy to hide in car because it’s small and lightweight.
-It’s with double positioning mode so the accuracy is high.
-It’s water/dust/fire-proof.
-It can be used for anti-theft.
-It can remotely shut down and recover vehicle engine by computer webpage platform, Android/iOS phone APP, SMS command.
-It supports position and residual power be checked by web, APP, SMS.
-It has 400 mAh internal battery for 4 hours stand-by. Other wired tracker has no generally.
-It has internal shock sensor and movement recognition system so alarm will be created when vehicle shaking after ACC off.
-It has power-saving design for shutting down GPS module(power consumption<1 mAh) after vehicle stayed still for a long time. (Once the vehicle starts again, the tracker works again.)
-It has signal blind area storage for saving position data when there is no signal till the signal recovered and the data uploded.
-It’ll feed back ACC situation on web, APP, SMS.
-It’ll send alarm once outage happened.


Vehicle: Car, electrocar, truck, motorbike, electric motorcycle, reffited vehicle etc.
Circumstance: Checking family car move history, tracking lent or stolen car, monitoring government car etc.


Shenzhen Yiwen Technology Co., Ltd. is also a GPS tracking software development company, located in Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China.
Our tracker and software are selling to the whole world. GPS tracking industry has been entered by us for many years. Computer webpage platform and Android/iOS phone APP can be customed.
Nowadays, there are plenty of clients bought our tracker and software in the whole world. Obviously, stability and accessibility of our product are recognized by the whole industry.
We promises that the best product and service will be provided to every client to earn his trust!
Giving trust to us is your best investment!



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