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Two the European Galileo satellite navigation system deviates from a predetermined orbit

Two the European Galileo satellite navigation system deviates from a predetermined orbit

International online news (reporter Cai Feifei): 23, French based Arianespace announced that, by a Russian “combined” rocket on Friday in the two satellites of Galileo system of French Guiana launch deviated from the predetermined orbit, researchers are working on the deviation of the causes and effects may lead to the.

The president of the French National Centre for Space Studies Legall explained, the satellite should be launched at the height of 24000 km circular orbit, which finally fell on an elliptical orbit 17000 kilometers high. Just three hours after the launch of the left and right, researchers have found that certain anomalies. Now they are trying to take measures, two satellites in orbit, however, may be more complex.

 Friday’s launch of the two Galileo Navigation Satellite original plan will be put into use in the autumn, and the space has 4 formal Galileo satellite network, Galileo global navigation satellite system to push the plan in 2018 to enable all of the.

 The Galileo satellite navigation system is composed of the development and investment of 5000000000 euros to establish global satellite navigation and positioning system, the project in 1999 February by the European Commission and the European Space Agency and jointly responsible for the operation. The positioning system is composed of 30 satellites orbit height is 23616km, of which 27 star work, 3 backup satellite. Satellite orbit altitude of about 24000 km, is located in the 3 angle is 56 degrees within the plane of the orbit. In 2012 October, Galileo global satellite navigation system, the second batch of two satellite successfully launched.

 There are now over 4 sets of satellite global positioning system: global positioning system GPS USA, the Russian GLONASS Glonass, China dipper and Galileo in Europe, the four satellite navigation system, the formation of a new pattern of world quadrupedal future international.