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Personal gps tracker

Personal gps tracker


Chutian Express hearing (reporter XX) the night meet the light reflective, but also with GPS positioning function. Near the, the bag on the market demand, a GPS positioning function bag, attracted many students and parents concerned.

On the evening of 17, people’s Square in Fancheng, a group of skating friends, carrying bag by light irradiation, sparkling, attracted a lot of people watching.

This light bag is a small orange light training school is responsible for the introduction of Shu interest, reflecting material bag, encountered light glows, has the function of traffic warning.

The bag is the biggest bright spot with GPS positioning function, insert the SIM card in the locator bag built-in, binding and the parent of SIM card, the parents to send text messages can locate the position of children, not a child any locator for sound and vibration class, dial the number also can call.

The primary school teacher Liu Hua think, now parents have paid great attention to the safety of children, many parents shangxiaxue shuttle, but inevitably there are late or no shuttle, this bag is very suitable for admission and 3 to grade 6 unmanned shuttle students.