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China Petroleum News Network (reporter Xie Wenyan Wang Yu correspondent) as of August 18th, the Daqing Petrochemical Gem Flower vehicle satellite positioning monitoring system for two weeks.

 It is reported, Gem Flower vehicle positioning and monitoring system can real-time monitoring of vehicle location, vehicle speed, route, mileage, vehicle overspeed alarm, modified removing alarm and voice reminding. At the same time, the driver of the last 7 days of continuous recording of travel information.

 In the past, the passenger transportation center of vehicle operation are “fighting man”, the difficulty of vehicle operation management. This system is put into use, management personnel may at any time online, check the running track, check whether there is speeding, running a private other illegal acts, and the driver in the special weather voice warning, so as to further standardize the driver’s behavior, put an end to the habitual peccancy.