GPS Tracking Platform

Yiwen is not only a hardware manufacturer, but also a software company which specialized in developing and customizing GPS Tracking Platform. We have been developing GPS Tracking Platform over 5 years and has thus acquired extensive expertise in gps software development and customization.

At present, we have three platforms for overseas customers, please check the following:

Vehicle Tracking Platform:

Link: EN.GPS18.COM

Test account: cstracker

Password: 123456


Quite simply, the Yiwen Vehicle Tracking System is the ideal, low cost solution for tracking a single car and a fleet of vehicles.

Easy to install with no complicated wiring, locate a vehicle and its position is displayed on web based GPS tracking software, your mobile phone or can be sent to you as a SMS. 

Note: APP name in Google Play–“yitracker”

Personal Tracking Platform:


Test account: 3gtest

Password: 123456


Through its advanced GPS receiver, Yiwen provides personal GPS tracking to vulnerable and at-risk members of society and industry.

By choosing Yiwen personal GPS trackers, parents, family members and business people can have peace of mind knowing they can locate loved ones or employees 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

Our slim, small and lightweight GPS Tracker can fit almost anywhere.

EN2 Tracking Platform is designed for GX28, GX18, GA09, GX29 series personal gps tracker. 

Note: APP name in Google Play–“aibeile”


Pets Collar Tracking Platform:


Account: 888

Password: 123456

Anytrackinganytracking 内部

Anytracking is one of our platform which specially designed for Pets,  the relative model is our GV30

Note: APP name in Google Play–“anytracking”



  • Upload the position info constantly to help you know where your car/lover/pets/asset are
  • Tracking the movement of object in realtime
  • Check the movement history
  • Receive a  “alert” message on your cell phone when something happen to the object
  • Set “geofence” areas easily and receive instant SMS alerts while object entry or exit
  • Help prevent theft and curtail unauthorized use by knowing where your vehicles are at all times; if a theft does occur, you may be able to recover your vehicle quickly
  • Lifetime free to access Personal & Pets tracking system; Vehicle Tracking System offer one year free access rights, and only extra 6 usd to get lifetime access right
  • All the system are customizable for our overseas customer